SubContract Measurement 

PES (UK) Ltd's Metrology Division offer a complete subcontract solution; from alignment and measurement services, software purchase and hire; to full training, consultation and on going support.

Our Metrology Engineers are highly skilled and have many years of experience in precision measurement and alignment on small & large scale projects worldwide.

Please view our products & services below and we welcome you to contact us with your enquiries.

  • Alignment & Inspection

    Alignment & Inspection

    PES Metrology provides inspection services for a diverse range of equipment, materials and products; form machined parts, to steel or aluminium fabrications, mould tools or assemblies. We continued...

  • Jig & Fixture Certification / Rectification

    Jig & Fixture Certification / Rectification

    PES Metrology has a long history of inspecting and calibrating jigs, fixtures and tooling for a range of different industries. Using our precision instruments, including Laser Trackers continued...

  • Reverse Engineering & Scanning

    Reverse Engineering & Scanning

    Laser line scanning can acquire over 400,000 points of data every second, making this a fast and accurate method for capturing surface features and details. This data can be compared directly to continued...

  • 3D Printing Solutions

    3D Printing Solutions

    With the steady improvements in 3D printing technology, PES Metrology can now offer a turnkey solution, including scanning of any existing parts, modelling and 3D printing in a range of continued...

  • Precision Machine Installation

    Precision Machine Installation

    PES Metrology provide a worldwide machine installation service utilising the latest technologies to achieve high accuracy and meet tight deadline, often during costly facility shutdowns. We continued...

  • Metrology Assisted Automation

    Metrology Assisted Automation

    PES Metrology can provide assistance with installation of automated industrial robots, rail systems, changes to inspection related tooling; probing, scanning, gap and flush. PES Metrology has continued...

  • Offshore Alignment

    Offshore Alignment

    PES has over 37 years of alignment experience gained from operating across all industries on a worldwide basis. Working in varied conditions and environments, we proudly offer both off and continued...

  • Turbine Retrofit

    Turbine Retrofit

    PES Metrology turbine alignment services offer many advantages over traditional methods to retrofit turbines. Utilising laser trackers, PES Metrology will accelerate your retrofit process by continued...

  • Laser Tracker & Arm (Portable CMM) Hire

    Laser Tracker & Arm (Portable CMM) Hire

    PES Metrology owns a wide range of measurement instruments and software, all of which are available for hire. Whether you require a measurement arm for inspecting small batch components continued...

  • Software Sales & Training: SpatialAnalyzer & Geomagic

    Software Sales & Training: SpatialAnalyzer & Geomagic

    PES are the official resellers of Geomagic and SpatialAnalyzer software in the UK and Ireland. Please contact us for more information, purchase or training. continued...

  • Measurement Accessories

    Measurement Accessories

    PES Metrology proudly offers the world's most advanced drift nest system: 1.5" aluminium anodised nests 3 points of contact strong central magnet + C-Clip Unique ID on each nest continued...

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