Alignment & Inspection

PES Metrology provides inspection services for a diverse range of equipment, materials and products; form machined parts, to steel or aluminium fabrications, mould tools or assemblies. We use contact and non-contact inspection methods, with our without CAD.

We produce detailed intuitive reports which significantly improved our customers' understanding of their components and tooling.

PES Metrology also offers a cost effective and complete subcontract alignment service, both in the UK and overseas. Our engineers have a comprehensive understanding of alignment projects and 37 years of practical experience using the latest equipment. We can mobilise at short notice anywhere in the world.

PES Metrology utilise the latest 3 and 6 DoF Laser Trackers and scan/probing measurement arms, along with a range of powerful software packages:

  • SpatialAnalzyer
  • Polyworks
  • Delcam
  • Power Inspect
  • Geomagic Control
  • Metrolog X4

Each 'Measurement Solution' (Instrument/Software) is matched to the bespoke requirements of the project.

For more information please visit our dedicated measurement site PES METROLOGY or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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