Our acoustic products and noise protection systems can be adapted to provide effective solutions in practically every environment – from recording studios and office spaces to industrial assembly lines. Whether it involves the reduction of noise in gymnasiums and swimming pools, noise dampening of classrooms or of excessive noise in large production facilities, pinta solutions offers outstanding performance characteristics and sound dampening properties. 

Choose from a broad range of colors, materials and shapes, in order to create interior spaces that have a pleasant, soothing effect on both the eyes and the ears.

Reliable and proven materials

With more than 4 decades of reliable, proven performance in a broad range of applications, you can install acoustic products from pinta with complete confidence. pinta’s acoustic products made with willtec foam offer excellent sound dampening characteristics across all frequencies and feature outstanding resistance to ageing.

New ideas for comfortable, productive environments

When you pause to consider styling, performance, value and function, you will agree that the acoustic products from pinta offer a large number of attractive design alternatives and effective sound dampening solutions. The first pinta pyramid was developed and manufactured in the early 1960s in Leverkusen, Germany. Since that time, pinta has acquired extensive experience with acoustic products and noise protection systems. These range from acoustic ceiling elements made of metal and solutions for industrial sound insulation to stylish office systems. As a result, pinta has evolved into one of the market leaders in the field of acoustics.

The Challenge: acoustic design solutions for sophisticated architecture

In a world of noise, the quality of a building’s environment can be measured to some extent by its acoustic design. Today, modern architecture, with its ambitious design principles, clear, minimalist structure, sound reflected walls, open spaces and use of glass, is setting new challenges in acoustics.

Acoustic solutions have to blend harmoniously into the design, representing good value for money. At the same time they have to conform to the highest standards and to strict legal requirements.

Every building needs its own individual acoustic solution, regardless of its use and design. That is why every pinta system is as unique as the room in which it was used.

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