PAGEL grouts are specially designed to meet all your requirements when it comes to safely ensuring the forces acting on a floor surface are reliably transferred to the underlying concrete base, or that equipment/machines are positively embedded into concrete foundations.

PAGEL grouts are extremely reliable and provide high levels of safety due to the following characteristic:

  • Flowability
  • Rapid Strength Development
  • Controlled Expansion

This makes PAGEL grouts ideal for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • FIXATOR Precision Levelling Mount installations
  • Steam/Gas/Diesel Turbines and Generators
  • Compressors
  • Monopole, Tripod, Jacket, Gravity-based Wind Turbine Foundations
  • Bridge bearings and Construction joints
  • Prefabricated concrete units and structural steelworks
  • Azimuth ring for robotic telescopes

Grout Product List

PAGEL Grout: V1 – V12  

PAGEL Grout: V1/10 – V1/50 – V1/160 

PAGEL Super Strength High Strength Grout: V1/30HF – V1/60HF

PAGEL Grout: V2/10 – V2/40 – V2/80 – V2/160

PAGEL Steel Fibre Grout: V1A

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