Test Stand Technology


Our bed plates are critical components of every test stand. The test stand plates have bearings which are insulated against oscillations, and which absorb vibrations and shocks up to 90%. The level-regulated pneumatic spring system and high intrinsic weight of the plates enable an extremely low natural frequency, irrespective of the load.

We offer a comprehensive consultancy, bespoke solutions and professional project management from initial planning to final assembly.

In addition, we provide advice on the design of the plates, perform calculations to determine the natural frequency and help to select the appropriate vibration isolation solution. 

Installation and commissioning of the full turnkey solution, from Reaction Anchor System and Bed Plate installation to alignment and levelling of the test rig and associated equipment is carried out by our experienced Installation Engineers, who can be mobilized anywhere in the world at short notice.

Application examples for Test Stand Plates include:

  • Engine test stands
  • Gear test stands
  • Exhaust test stands
  • Brake test stands
  • Axle test stands
  • Acoustic test stands
  • Roller test stands
  • Torsion test stands
  • Shaker test stands
  • Road simulation test stands
  • Mocokit – modular construction test stands

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