BiAir Membrane Air Springs

The BiAir System, with a deep natural frequency and adjustable damping, is ideal for Active vibration isolation of measuring and testing machines, optical and electronic equipment, laser machines, precise finishing machines, vehicle and transmission test rigs, and foundations.

The system consists of a cast steel or aluminum housing, within which the air volume is enclosed by a thin-walled, flexible and pressure resistant rolling membrane. A piston sits on top of the membrane and is pressed into the air space resulting in highly effective vibration isolation. In order to ensure a high damping effect, the air space is split into two interlinked chambers: a) Load Volume, and b) Dampening Volume. An externally positioned valve allows for simple dampening adjustments. Additional safety valves protect the membrane from damage caused by overpressure.

Level Control is an important contribution toward the optimal function of an air spring system. There are two level control options:

  1. BiAir Mechanical Pneumatic Control Valves – pressure accuracy of +- 1/10mm
  2. BiAir Electro-pneumatic Level Control – pressure re-set accuracy of +- 1/100mm

The automatic level controller can be utilized to overcome the problem associated with load changes in air spring isolated machines. The height of the specific units (BiAir or FAEBI) can be controlled by changing the air pressure in the air spring units – quick inflation or deflation will ensure the correct machine level maintained despite changes in the machines center of gravity.

For further technical information and application examples please download the brochure here.

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