FAEBI Rubber Air Springs

Rubber Air Springs for vibration and shock isolation of machines, equipment and sub-assemblies. 

  • Bell-shaped component made from high-grade elastomer
  • No excessive horizontal deflection
  • Overloading or sudden pressure drop has no negative effect
  • To reduce vertical amplitude, additional damping is available
  • Baseplate is equipped with an anti-slip plate, so no floor anchoring required.
  • Stainless steel design available if outdoor installation (i.e. air conditioning units) required
  • Electronic or Mechanical Level Control and Air Pressure monitor available

FAEBI with Level Control (LCV) 

One simple but effective solution is the mechanical-pneumatic control valve, the level of which can be maintained constantly to within +- 1/10mm. Principally 3 control valves are used:

  1. Pressure Control valve to limit system pressure to maximum 6 bar
  2. Water Trap to remove vapor
  3. Air Filter to remove dust and any other foreign body from air supply.

FAEBI-HD with adjustable dampening 

This solution is made from a combination of high-grade elastomer and metal, with an amplified sidewall. In order to ensure a high dampening effect, the air space is split into two interlinked chambers: a) Load Volume, and b) Damping Volume. An externally positioned valve allows for simple damping adjustments. The air damping units are wear-resistant and require no maintenance. 

For further technical information and application examples please download the brochure here

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