Wedge Mounts

Bilz Precision Levelling Wedges offer a levelling accuracy of 1/100th millimeter, with a self-locking design preventing movement as a result of vibration. The wedges, which also have a large base area for optimal floor support and stiffness, are available in 4 different designs:

  • Free-Standing (PK Series)
  • Bolt-On to machine (PKA Series)
  • Bolt-Through to foundation (PKD Series)
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel - PKA/PKD Series

Range of application: from machines with high dynamic forces (i.e. presses) and high axial-thrust (i.e. shock testing machines) to machines used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and scientific (clean room) industries.

For further technical information and application examples please download the brochure here.

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