Air Spring Isolators

CFM Air Springs, with low natural frequencies (0.6Hz to 2.5Hz), are predominantly used for high-quality Active support of dynamic test rigs, as well as Passive support of sensitive plants, machines and measuring equipment.

Air Springs have been one of our core products for over 30 years. We continue to invest in R&D to ensure improvements are made to the Air Springs and corresponding Level Control Systems, which is why, under normal operating conditions, the lifespan of a CFM Air Spring is over 20 years.

The Air Springs have integrated capacity reservoirs with a pneumatic activation option. The piston is made of steel and cover plate of aluminum. The belted rubber ‘bellows’ are manufactured from high-quality elastomer materials with a vulcanized wire belt, thus exhibiting good vertical and lateral characteristics.

CFM Air Springs have a number of advantages over conventional air springs, including:

  • With T-Shaped foundations, benching/housing for the springs is not required
  • Additional capacity is integrated thus considerably less space required.

All our CFM Air Springs are designed for specific applications in mind – should a series not be suitable for your application then a bespoke solution can be offered.

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