Level Control Units

Level Controls are required when air springs are employed within an air spring system – they allow for the adjustment of the resting position of the machine or test rig.

There are four standard series of CFM Level Control Unit, from the simple mechanical solution MC300-S to the active position control with microprocessor µC 300 – all are 3-point control systems:

MC 300-S

The MC300 is a mechanical pneumatic level control unit for applications which do not require external monitoring:

  • 3-point control system with maintenance and control unit
  • control accuracy +- 0.1mm


Electro-pneumatic level control system offering external equipment monitoring:

  • level position of all 3 systems
  • inlet pressures
  • raising/lowering using key switches on control unit
  • switching natural frequency of air spring suspension on control unit (LC302 only)
  • control accuracy +- 0.1mm

EC 300

Electro-pneumatic level control unit with analogue position encoders and electric control valves, external monitoring. Control accuracy +- 0.05mm

µC 300

Electro-pneumatic active position control system with microprocessor and controller. This system is used to avoid resonance step-ups and minimise time for vibration – this significantly reduces oscillation damping time.

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