Steel Spring Isolators

CFM steel spring isolators, with integrated viscous dampers, are predominantly used to support machinery and plant whose excitation frequency exceeds approx. 3Hz or which cause impulse excitation; Viscous dampers are particularly relevant to the latter application. 

The natural frequencies of our of steel spring isolator series range from 1.8Hz to 6Hz .We manufacture four standard series of steep spring isolators:

  • P Series
  • UPM Series
  • UbPI Series
  • SSI Series

All CFM steel spring isolator series are delivered primed and varnished with a two-component lacquer. There is an option for all steel casings to be galvanized or spray-galvanized. Dirt and dust guards are also available. The spiral springs are powder coated, and also coated with cataphoritic dip primer for corrosion protection.

Aside from the standard series, we also manufacture isolators and dampers to suit bespoke applications. The CFM in-house test lab is able to verify these developed products and conduct fatigue testing.

Range of Application include:

  • Test Rig Support with high frequency excitation
  • Pressing and Punching machines with press loads 500KN to 20MN
  • Turbines
  • Diesel Generators and Transformers
  • Test Rigs for engines, gear units and components
  • Pumps and Ventilators
  • Chassis roller dynos
  • Air Separators
  • Shaker Tables
  • Earthquake Simulators

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