Reinicke have been providing solutions for vibration and structural borne noise for more than 40 years. Reinicke specialize in industrial and construction isolation and are also the preferred partner for design and layout of HVAC, having isolated more than 100,000 air handling systems of diverse construction types across Europe. 

Reinicke develops customized solutions, from design and planning to installation, to meet stringent demands for all industry sectors. This holistic vibration solution development allows the team of experts to offer the customer maximum flexibility and focus, working in a diligent, precise and thorough way.

Both Reinicke and PES are ISO: 9001 certified companies.

In order to assist us with your enquiry, providing the following information would accelerate the development of an appropriate solution:

Design of machine / device and application description

Dimensions and weight of machine / device

Position of the support points and centre of gravity

Required ‘bedding’ type (i.e. foundation)

Minimum excitation frequency occurring 

Static and dynamic machine loads

For more information please contact us, or refer to the Vibration Isolation for Technical Facility Equipment brochure and view the Reinicke ISOTOP Product zone.


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