Isotop DSD-BL

Block elements with attenuators for heavy loads


Isotop® DSD-BL block elements consist of two steel plates and spring elements DSD 1 – DSD 9. The number of spring elements depends on the load. A distinguishing feature of all DSD-BL elements is high corrosion protection: powder coating of the plates and cataphoresis coating (KTL) of the spring elements according to RAL 9005. The core piece of these elements is the damping medium of special Sylomer®-HD material, which is exactly matched to the relevant characteristic curve of the spring. The material is permanently elastic and break- proof. Special designs are available on request.

Isotop® DSD-BL block elements natural frequency, depending on the load, down to approx. 4 - 6 Hz ^= 240 – 360 min-1


  • Source isolation of heavy ventilators, fans, extractors, air conditioners, compressors, emergency power units, piston pumps, turbine bearings, textile machines, presses, block-type thermal power stations, rotating machines, centrifuges, shaking grates, conveying troughs etc.
  • Receiver isolation of sensitive measuring equipment, scales, test beds, control cabinets, transportation bedding of sensitive equipment etc.
  • Percussion isolation of all sorts of machines


  • Construction height is identical for all types, which guarantees exchangeability.
  • As a result of the open construction, the source is connected to the suspension point only via the spring. The spring element can oscillate in the horizontal plane without restriction.
  • The spring is clearly visible, which allows checking of its condition without dismantling. 
  • The distance between spring coils is visible under load.
  • The form of the steel plates can be adapted to connecting surfaces.
  • These elements have a defined static and dynamic rigidity and damping. 
  • High precision of manufacture guarantees that no dimensional deviations or deviation of technical parameters results.

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