Isotop DSD

Steel spring vibration isolators with integrated high-performance damping element


Isotop® DSD steel spring vibration isolators are used for source and receiver isolation of all impact type machines, as well as for machines of which the operating point is within the resonance range or which can start rocking when traversing the resonance.


  • Block-type thermal power stations
  • Compressors 
  • Rotating machines, motors, turbines
  • Mobile equipment, emergency power units
  • Centrifuges, pumps 
  • Plan tables, test beds, scales
  • Vibrating tables, conveyors
  • Transport storage of delicate goods


  • Construction height, diameter and connection thread are identical for all types, which guarantees exchangeability.
  • As a result of the open construction, the source is connected to the foundation point only via the spring. The spring element can oscillate in the horizontal plane without restriction.
  • The spring is clearly visible, which allows checking of its condition without dismantling. The distance between spring coils is visible under load.
  • Accessories, base plate and height adjustment are universally applicable for all types.
  • The damping core is permanently elastic and break-proof
  • High corrosion resistance is accomplished with cataphoresis coating (KTL)

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