Isotop MSN-BL

Flat block elements for smaller loads and limited space


Isotop® MSN-BL block elements have a natural frequency, depending on the load, down to approx. 3.5 Hz. Due to the low construction height they are ideal for applications with limited available space. Standard spring numbers are 2, 4, 6 or 9 but bespoke solutions possible. 


  • Source isolation of heavy ventilators, fans, extractors, air conditioners, compressors, emergency power units, pumps, textile machinery, presses etc.
  • Receiver isolation of sensitive measuring equipment, scales, test beds, control cabinets, transport bearing etc.
  • Vibration isolation of all kinds


  • Very low construction height
  • Construction height, diameter and connection thread are identical for all types which guarantees exchange ability
  • Low resonant frequency
  • Condition of spring elements is clearly visible due to the open construction
  • Durable, compact design
  • Ideal for applications in the building & construction industry due to the high corrosion protection

For further technical information, please download the product brochure here or contact us.

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