Vibration and Acoustic Survey

To compliment our CFM, BILZ, PINTA and MERFORD product ranges, we also carry out Vibration and Acoustic Surveys.

Vibration Survey – Vibration & Shock Data Analysis

PES Engineers are experienced in carrying out Vibration Surveys using only the most advanced technologies, and analyzing the resulting data to make recommendations in terms of whether vibration control is necessary, if so to what degree, and how to best provide an efficient cost effective solution.

We can carry out surveys at the pre-installation stage or for machine/equipment relocation purposes: from standard vibration surveys for Power Generation to specialist surveys for the Semiconductor industry, PES offers an accurate, reliable and professional service.

Acoustic Survey – Test & Analyzing

Strength – Acoustics –Filtration: these are the core focus of our Acoustic Survey, Test and Analysis. 

The following is a summary of the many options we use to analyze and optimize material, products and systems to customer specification and statutory requirements. This optimization process focuses on achieving a high cost-benefit ratio without losing sight of the environmental impact:

  • Tensile strength measurement
  • Peeling Test measurement
  • Compression set measurement
  • Noise & Vibration measurements
  • Sound power measurement
  • Absorption testing and analyzing
  • Transmission loss investigations
  • Sound intensity measurements and mapping
  • Reverberation time analysis and calculations
  • Loss factor measurements
  • Semi anechoic chamber
  • Reverberation room
  • Sound power source
  • Impedance tube
  • Shaker for vibration excitation
  • Multichannel front end
  • Acoustic simulation of absorption and transmission loss for layer and multilayer
  • Air flow analyzing
  • Pressure drop measurement
  • Particle retention analyzing
  • Adsorption efficiency testing and analyzing (Toluol)
  • Consulting Services to determine the correct products, quantities and placement of products to solve complex acoustical problems in schools, theatres, sports stadia and across all industry.

For more information, or to arrange a site survey, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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